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Professional athletes as an employee or a self employed person? The dispute is still on

Zdroj: Sport Daily, Robert Kotian

(...)Jozef Tokos, an advisor to the players´ association UFP who also participated in drafting the wording of the open letter says that „if the amendment to the sports law is effective, in reality clubs would definitely try to use their status as a stronger contractual party in order to sign contracts with players based on the Civil Code.“ According to Tokos, even such contracts would be considered as labour contracts. A first court verdict on this issue would prove that the wording of this amendment is no good. (…)

 (...) Even though there is a strong opposition against the amendment, Jozef Tokos is open to share his fear that, unlike football, rights of professional athletes could be substantially worsened in other collective sports. Moreover, he is convinced, that the state would keep not to enforce the sports law as to the status of professional players after this amendment is passed. The state has not done it so far. It seems that the legal points against the amendment proposed by MPs are bullet proof. Will that do, though?