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The intermediary (licensed players´ agent until March 2015) Jozef Tokoš and his professional team is ready to provide you excellent

I fully concentrate on quality players, especially national team players or youth national team players.
If you need
* representation,
* some advice on issues related to "sports law", sports transfers etc. application of FIFA and UEFA rules,
* specific information on players, clubs in Slovakia or other countries in the Middle Europe do not hesitate to contact me on the below address. Just let me know!

Jozef Tokoš
Intermediary registered at the Slovak FA

Latest news

04.08.2020 - Jozef Tokos has intermediated a representation for the Turkish club Bandirmaspor in their training compensation claim...
04.08.2020 - 19-years old winger Roman Beko  signed a one year contract with Chemnitzer FC, a regional league German club.