Is FIFA to stop regulating players´ agents?

According to the news published at the end of the last week in trustworthy media (the British daily The Guardian, the internet web site FIFA has decided not to regulate global transfer market activity related to player agents, ie to abolish rules applying to licensed players´ agents. A circular that FIFA has allegedly distributed to all of its 208 national associations is canvassing opinion on their proposal. By the way, no FIFA circular has reached the Slovak FA as of today.
The reasoning of the proposal is pragmatic – according to FIFA at present „only one in five transfers worldwide employs a licensed agent.” The abolishment of formal requirements can make international transfers simpler and easier. However, it is necessary to point out that the intermediation of transfers by other persons than licensed agents, with the exception of attorneys and selected family members, has been considered by FIFA as illegal so far.
According to the Guardian, „there is some speculation that FIFA will even forbid national associations from having any involvement in governing the activities of agents.” At present, national FAs´ rules are valid alongside with the world wide FIFA rules. Some strong FAs (France, England) has allegedly protested.
What does the proposal mean? If the regulation on agents is to be abolished on the international level only, while the national rules with identical burdens remain to be valid, the system would stay unchanged in general.
If the regulation on agents is to be fully abolished on the national level as well, all burdens will be removed and anyone can play the role of licensed agent at all transfers!
There would be no obligatory exams every 5 years (organised solely by the national FAs since 2001), no fee for the participation in those exams (in Slovakia the Slovak FA has charged, in direct contradiction with a standpoint of FIFA – see articles in “Media” section from the year 2002 at this web site – amounting to 5000 Swiss francs!) The agents would not have to pay the obligatory yearly insurance more than 1000 euro.
The contractual relations between the players and agents would not be limited by FIFA rules. At present, a model contract stipulated by FIFA must be used. The length of this contract is maximum 2 years. There would not be no limits whatsoever – for instance, the prohibition to contact a player under an exclusive contract with other licensed agent. The limits would have to be included directly into the individual legal relation between the player and the agent, ie to the wording of the contract.
The European Court of Justice handled the case Piau vs Commission in 2005. The court judged the current system of regulating players´ agents and ruled out that the valid limits were not in contradiction with European law. Therefore, the current state is not illegal. However, is it substantially good?