They critisize an amendment to law on sports

Zdroj: TV Joj, Marika Dulajova

The whole story is at the following link:   (čas od 27.08)


"The dispute flows from the fact that the sport clubs are obliged to start paying social contributions for their employees as of 2022. It means for ice hockey players, football players, voleyball players or basketball players. If they became self employed persons, they would pay the contribution themselves. In other words, the clubs has kept saying for some time that it will be a disaster for them to pay contributions for players with contracts worth thousands. The proposed amendment could save the moneyv for the clubs."

Jozef Tokos, an advisor to the Union of Football Professionals, the Slovak football players associaion:

"The intention was OK, the solution is completely wrong."
"The solution is to look now at the problem with social contributions and figure out a long lasting solution."