He takes the money and disappears. They claim that the Slovak intermediary conned players from 8 countries

Zdroj: N Daily, Michal Cerveny

(...) If an intermediary requests a payment upfront, it is exceptionally suspicious. „I have never experienced it for 20 years of practise. The expenditures for a trial are usually covered by the club. The players pays for the transport if at all. The transport costs are sometimes covered by intermediaries,“ Jozef Tokos, a sports lawyer and one of the first Slovak intermediaries who intermediated transfers of players to 16 countries, says for N Daily.

If someone requests the money in advance, the community of intermediaries considers that unprofessional. The market will usually get cleaned itself from these kind of persons,“ he says. He explains that the intermediaries get commission after a successful transfer. Normally, it is 10 per cent of the gross income of the player. FIFA recommends 3 times lower commission. „The commission for an intermediary calculated from the gross income is paid by a player to an intermediary. If the commission is paid by a club, it should be a lump sum, not the percentage,“ he says. He adds, if there is a transfer to a richer Western European league, the percentage can be lower, but an intermediary earns more at the end of the day. As to minor players below 18 years, the intermediaries are not entitled to any commission, according to regulations of the Slovak FA, warns Tokos. (...)