English newcomer "to buy" safety in the Premier League

Zdroj: Economic Daily, Martin Rendek

(…) According to a sports analyst Jozef Tokos, the promotion of Aston Villa to the Premier League was not expected. Therefore, the club had to alter ad hoc their buying strategy. „The Premier League brings the money. The club got the financial package from TV rights. The team had to be strengthened. If they did not do that, they would be the obvious candidate to go down this season,“ Tokos says for the Economic Daily. He says that the key point is, which way to choose when strengthening the squad. Tokos would rather prefer quality to quantity. „There has been no outstanding star among the recent transfers to the club. I would rather buy two 40 million players and one 20 million for the overall amount 100 million. On the other hand, even less known players might add the wanted quality. Time will tell. It will be possible to evaluate these transfers later,“ the sports analyst concludes. (...)