More than 28 billion. Football market grows.

Zdroj: Economic Daily, Martin Rendek

The English football  Premier League has remained the richest league competition in the world. The elite twenty English club have generated the most income out of all national leagues overcoming the second league in the chart - German bundesliga by more than 72 per cent higher revenues. These facts are based from the newest annual report worked out by the advisory company Deloitte.  The European football market has grown by 11 per cent in comparison with the last year, which equals the amount 28,4 billion euro. (...)

As to the TV rights, the English Premier League can not be reached. The change on the top of the chart is not foreseen big time. The success and glory on the pitch match very well with other pieces of the overall sources of the clubs income.

The football intermediary Jozef Tokos agrees. "Trophies from competitions and the triumph in prestigious games always boost up the financial success of the club. When there are only 4 last clubs remaining in the Champions League and Europa League and all of them are from England, the overall income for these English clubs is  certainly interesting," Tokos commented the current development in European football competitions  for Economic Daily.