The money has not delivered success for sheikhs

Zdroj: Economic Daily, Martin Rendek

The most expensive football player of all times as well as the phenomenal supertalent Kylian Mbappem play for them. (...) The current squad of Paris St Germain has the value of  927 million euro, one of the highest number in the world. The stellar transfers to the French capital have been financed by the sheikhs from Qatar led by Nasser Al-Khelaifi. They have spent for transfers almost 1,2 billion euro for eight years. "The status of the club has changed. The club´s ambitions have continuously increased as well. Also financial. The recoerd Neymar= s transdfer was the breaking point," a sports analyst Jozef Tokos said for the Economic Daily.

(...) The frequency of transfers in and out in Paris is enormous. The club is basically doing its best to bring the trophy for the victory in the Champions League to Paris. "The dominance in the French league is huge. However, only the victory in the Champions League can be considered as a success in this phase. I am not sure whether reaching the Champions League final would be viewed as a success," Tokos reckoned. 

(...) Thanks to transfers of real superstars the French Ligue has brought more attention. The fans of the other clubs have been looking forward to the confrontation of their clubs with PSG.  "The attendance at matches has grown. The reputation of the league as well. There is an  effect of one man Neymar. The club has been growing also in the area of sports marketing," Tokos mentioned. (...)