Players´ agents with record earnings

Zdroj: Economic Daily, Martin Rendek

The players´agents in the English Premier League cashed in from transfers of players and their representation  260 million pounds last season. 50 million pounds more than the previous season.  (...)

"There are no caps on the agents fees, it is not regulated. Logically, the fees are paid based on agreements. If an agent represent a player, they should be paid by a sum reflecting the players´ gross salary. If they are paid by a percentage from the tranfer fee, it should not be extremely high. Otherwise, relationships within the industry can be bent. It sounds not ethical in the moral level," the sports analyst and  players´ agent Jozef Tokos said for the Economic Daily.

The majority of fees are paid through instalments. According to Tokos, enormous amounts for players´ agent should be reflected in a broader context. The football industry as such is growing. The wages of best players and managers increase. "It is much more important to compare the overall clubs´ revenues that have grown continuously for about 4 percent. The industry is growing. I would not consider the increased agents´ fees as very dramatic.  In every case, the agent fee should not be a decisive factor when it comes to a transfer," he reckons. (...)